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Hermosa, Costa Rica

Surf one of the most consistent breaks in the world...!

The Hermosa beach break is one of the most consistent surf spots in the world. Here, you can expect to catch a range of surf from mellow chest-high on a small day to daily overhead surf. Playa Hermosa has a very strong beach break, at it's best on a rising tide. The hottest spot is a sand bar identified by a famous tree, called the Almendro.

This long stretch of break peaks working any given day, but the preferred sand bar is located in front of Almendro. The waves conditions are generally best when the tide is rising. The larger surf comes in Costa Rica's Rainy Season, otherwise known as winter (April - Oct.) During the summer months (Nov. to March) the swell direction changes to a more consistent and spaced-out swell from the North Pacific. Swells often last for over a week and can just be epic.

There are many world-class breaks at and within easy reach of Hermosa... come on down and experience the best waves everyday!

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